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Man. Machine. Excellence

Man. Machine. Excellence

Total Production area in the Plant is covered with the roofed sheds and open space of 3O,OOO sq.mt. The factory consists of:

A well-equipped Quality Testing Laboratory: Fully equipped with Latest Instruments including Spectrometer "Foundry master Smart" and "Universal Testing Machine 6OOKN Model- UTE-C-600"along with all the Chemical Wet analysis. In addition to this ‘Charpy’s impact testing Machine and Brinell hardness testing machine.

Workshop with full-fledged machinery: Dedicated in-housework shop is being operated with fully automatic machines like Planer Machines and Heavy-duty Lathe machines, Drilling and Grinding Machines etc. Total Machine shop consists 15nos.

Electro mechanical Weigh Bridge: 1OO MTs capacity

Automatic Cooling Bed: Total Span of the Cooling Bed is 3o Mtrs (W) x 4O Mtrs (L) fully covered with Sheds for natural cooling of the Hot rolled finished goods to reduce the temperature from 6OO degree centigrade to normal temperature.